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What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Bathtubs

Bathtubs are a great thing to have in your home. If you have kids, you can make bathtime fun for them with bubble baths and cute rubber duckies. And for adults, a bathtub is a great place to relax and unwind after a stressful week. You can treat yourself to a luxurious bath with colorful bath bombs and mood-setting candles around.

But when you have an old bathtub, it may be more difficult to enjoy your bathtub experience. And that may be a reason some people decide to replace their current bathtubs with something newer and better. But before you proceed with that, here are some things you need to know before replacing your bathtub.

When Should You Replace Your Bathtub?

Perhaps you’ve bought a house that came with a rather old bathtub. It may be rusted, stained, or maybe you just don’t like the idea of using a used bathtub. In some cases, you can resurface it to make it feel more brand new. But in other cases, it may be too much work, and a replacement would be a better solution.

Another reason people may want to replace their bathtub is that it’s no longer functioning as it should. Perhaps the bathtub has leaks that may cause water damage to the floor or walls. Or perhaps your needs have changed, and you want a bathtub with better support. 

What Is the Standard Size of a Bathtub?

Before you buy a new bathtub, you have to take into account the space. Perhaps you’re doing a bathroom remodel and want a new bathtub that will fit the new bathroom’s modern design. If you’ve adjusted the layout in your new bathroom design or maybe reduced the space, you have to consider how the bathtub will fit into the whole picture.

The average bathtub measures 32 x 60 inches and often takes up around 13 square feet of floor space. But even if you mathematically have enough floor area to fit in all your bathroom fixtures, you still have to consider functionality. You may have squeezed everything into the room, but it may have resulted in a barely functional bathroom. Remember, you need to have enough room to move around and perform your bathroom activities efficiently.

What Are the Different Materials Used in Making Bathtubs?

Bathtubs can come in all sorts of materials. So, here’s a quick rundown of the different choices you may want to consider in alphabetical order.

1. Acrylic

This one is light, easy to install, and inexpensive. It’s also durable and can come in different colors and shapes. However, during installation, you must ensure all the stress points are adequately supported.

2. Cast Iron

This one may be quite heavy, but it’s also pretty durable. And even if the enamel scratches, you can still resurface it. But due to its heaviness, you’ll have to ensure your bathroom floor can handle all that weight.

3. Ceramic

Ceramic is perhaps the most versatile among the options presented in terms of size, shape, and designs. However, ceramic tiles will need lots of maintenance to maintain the grout in between.

4. Enamel Steel

This one is durable while also being inexpensive. Enamel steel tubs come in most standard bathtub sizes. However, there are not that many colors and styles to choose from. While enamel steel tubs are easy to clean, once chips and scratches develop, the tub can get rusted. And compared to the rest, enamel steel tubs lose heat more quickly.

5. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is perhaps the most popular option because it is the most affordable. It is light, easy to install, and works great for a bathtub-shower hybrid. However, it’s not the most stable or durable option. Fiberglass tubs can be prone to scratching, fading, and cracking.

6. Marble

Lastly, we have marble tubs made from crushed limestone and resin that is topped with a gel coating. This one can be pricey, but it comes in a wide array of colors and styles.

In Summary

When replacing a bathtub, you have to consider the size of the tub and the bathroom space you are working with. You also need to consider what type of bathtub material will best fit your specific needs.

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