When Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

Some homeowners have a tendency to be handier than others. They take on plenty of “do it yourself” (DIY) projects, preferring to do maintenance and repairs on their own without being dependent on others. They replace shingles and light bulbs, mount brand new windows and doors, build garden sheds, and more by themselves.

Plumbing, however, can get pretty complicated fairly quickly. While some plumbing repairs can very well be handled, sometimes outside help is necessary. The moment your gut starts to tell you that the plumbing issue you’re facing needs expert hands, follow that instinct. Plumbing “repairs” from someone that’s inexperienced could be more problematic than helpful, which furthers the existing issues on plumbing systems. Pipes can end up damaged and property could be destroyed.

Read on to learn more about plumbing problems that are best left to professionals:

For Burst or Frozen Pipes

Are your pipes frozen? There’s no need to use heat sources like a hair blow dryer to thaw them…because that won’t work anyway. When a plumbing system has ice within, the problem goes well beyond a blockage. It expands, leading to plenty of cracks because of the frozen water. Professionals should be the ones to deal with frozen pipe repairs. Also, keep in mind that ice damage can lead to a flood when the ice thaws out.

Burst pipelines and frozen pipe floods are best left to an expert. That way, the damage to property can be little to none and the thawing process will be handled properly.

For Large Clogs in Drains or Toilets

Clogs are not minor plumbing problems. Severe clogs can build pressure and force the clog material outward, which increases the risk of leaks and pipe damage. Advanced clogs should be left to a professional plumber to prevent the risk of leaks and damage to the plumbing system.

For Leaky Pipes

Never attempt to repair a leaking water pipe on your own. You’ll more than likely need to tear through wall paneling, floors, and ceilings to find the leak in the first place. This is because detecting the leak without breaking ground requires equipment that only professionals have.

When someone without experience makes an attempt at this, the likelihood of pricey, extensive property damage is high. Worst of all, the leak’s location could be incredibly misjudged, leading to more drywall getting ripped out than needed.

A welding torch might have to be used, too, depending on your home’s pipes. Copper pipes are fairly common in most houses, and can’t be repaired with glue or duct tape. Professional welding is the only way for the leaks to be sealed effectively. 

Leaking pipes can lead to mold growth. Mold can cause serious respiratory infections and other illnesses when an individual is exposed to it in close proximity. This is also something that is best left to professionals.


Homeowners have a natural tendency to address issues when they can, especially to save costs. However, some issues need expert handling. Problems like a burst or frozen pipes or large clogs in drains or toilets are best left to professionals.

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