4 Reasons Dirty Water Is Coming Out of Your Faucet

When it comes to the water coming into our homes, there’s really not much we expect. However, at the very least, we expect it to be clean. So, when brown and murky water comes out of the faucet instead, there’s definitely something wrong. And there can be a few culprits behind this dirty water spewing from your faucets. 

1. Corroding Water Supply Pipes

Corrosion in the water supply pipes can sometimes cause the water running through them to become dirty. But if these pipes are designed to handle water at all times, how come they can be susceptible to corrosion?

Well, modern piping often doesn’t have this problem. However, for homes dating back to the 1960s and beyond, the pipes may be made out of galvanized steel. 

These pipes often have a protective coating that prevents corrosion from happening. However, over time, this protective coating can wear off and result in corroding water supply pipes. And once the corrosion process starts, rust-colored pieces from the pipes may break off and discolor the water. If this happens, it’s best to contact a plumber to have your pipes replaced.

2. Leak in the Main Water Line

Over time, the main water line can become more susceptible to leaking and breakage. And when cracks form in the main water line, some soil may get into the water supply, contaminating it. So, when you see dirty water coming out of your faucet, it’s best to contact a plumber to address the problem.

3. Corroding Water Heater Tank

Corrosion isn’t just limited to the pipes. It can also happen within your water heater tank.

Typically, your home’s water heater tank has a system in place that prevents corrosion from happening. This system mainly consists of a sacrificial anode rod. This rod that is made of magnesium or aluminum is meant to attract corrosion forces. And so, corrosion is contained in this area to avoid affecting the water heater tank’s interior. 

However, the anode rod will eventually wear out. And when this happens, the walls may begin to rust. That’s why it’s very important to replace the anode rod before this happens. 

But how will you know if the cause of the dirty water is indeed the water heater tank? Well, all you need to do is check both the hot and cold water. If it is only the hot water that contains the rusty color, the problem lies in your water heater tank’s anode rod.

4. Pressure Changes in City Water Lines

Sometimes, the cause of the dirty water lies within the city water lines. Dirt, sediment, and other particles can often accumulate in the city water lines. And when there is a pressure change due to maintenance, this buildup of particles may get disrupted. When the once resting particles get kicked up, they can end up in your water supply, resulting in dirty water. In this case, you’ll only need to wait a few hours for the water to clear up again.

Final Thoughts

Dirty water should definitely not be coming out of your faucets. Sometimes, the problem can go away after a few hours and some flushing out. However, the dirty water may also be caused by problems in your plumbing. In these cases, it’s best to get in touch with a plumber to help diagnose the problem.

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