Why Your Water Heater Produces Cold Water

If your hot water heater is producing cold water, you may be wondering why. Here are some common causes of this problem. Recirculating systems and mixing valves can cause hot water to cool, or migrate into the cold side of the tank. When this happens, you won’t have as much hot water as you would like when you turn the heat back on. These causes can be troublesome and should be addressed right away.

Sediment is a common problem with water heaters that use gas. When water comes in contact with hot elements, minerals are activated and the result is dirty water. This dirty water will eventually exit the hot water tank through your faucet. Old pipes are prone to sediment buildups, as are pipes that are poorly sealed. The water heater will detach the particles as it travels through the pipes and then vaporize them. Top Quality Water Heater Repair Services in San Fernando Valley, CA and Neighboring Areas

In most homes, a water heater uses a dip tube to bring cold water into the tank. This tube connects to the cold water pipe at the bottom of the tank and directs it to the hot water inlet. Cold water rises naturally in the tank, and hot water travels to the appliance from the top. If this is the cause of your water heater producing cold water, it’s time to replace the heater.

If you’ve been using hot water for a long time and you’re experiencing cold water, chances are that you are not using it efficiently. More people are taking longer showers and baths, and the water tank empties out faster. Not only that, but too much hot water can cause scalding. If you’re not careful, this problem can lead to expensive repairs.

If you haven’t noticed any difference in your hot water temperature, your water heater might have a problem with the temperature of the hot water it’s producing. Some water heaters contain two separate heating elements. One reheats the water near the top of the tank, while the bottom heats the water that’s added to the tank. This is how it works: hot water is pumped out of the top when you need it, and cold water flows in from the bottom.

Another common cause of cold water is a broken dip tube. A broken dip tube prevents hot water from reaching the appliances, and causes cold water to rise and mix with the hot water. If this is the case, you should get a replacement dip tube. Otherwise, you may face the cold water problem all the time. Then, call a professional plumber to fix the problem. Once you’ve fixed the dip tube, you can relax knowing that your water heater is functioning as it should.