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Causes and Prevention of Slab Leaks

One of the biggest fears and worries for property owners is leaks. Slab leaks are quite common and this happens when there is water that is leaking below the concrete. To be able to solve such problems effectively, you will need an experienced plumber. Generally, any forms of leaks are unpleasant and can cause extensive damage if not handled on time. There are several things that you ought to know about the causes of slab leaks and how to detect them. Finding a qualified and reputable plumbing company like CANDU assures you of timely and efficient solutions.

How Slab Leaks Happen

There are a couple of issues that can cause slab leaks. However, one of the prevalent causes is where copper pipes react with the water, and the pipes burst. Since these pipes are under the concrete, they will start to accumulate the water, and eventually, it penetrates the slab. There are other causes of slab leaks as well, but this is the main one. Some of the other causes include poor plumbing installation, contact with concrete, non-reamed pipes and so much more.

Whatever the cause of the slab leaks, it is imperative to have it fixed and as soon as possible. Since you may not be able to detect such leaks at their early stages, it is advisable to schedule annual plumbing inspections. This is a great way to ensure that such problems are discovered soon enough.

Slab Leak Detection

If you are a resident of Canoga Park CA and would want to tell you how to detect slab leaks, there are several things that you can look out for. One of the common signs is where there is water accumulating on your floors. Do you have floors that are almost wet at all times? This could be a very good sign that you have a slab leak.  

The other way to detect a slab leak is where there is a noticeable change in the floor temperature. Check for signs of water around cabinets, along baseboards, and other parts of the floor. Detecting slab leaks on time will help mitigate the damage.

Slab Leak Repair Plumbers in Chatsworth CA

When you have established that there is a possible slab leak on your property, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Any delays will only make the problem worse as the water keeps damaging your concrete and the pipes. Slab leak repair is not a DIY task and you will need to work with a qualified expert to be able to get the best solutions. You should be prepared since this is a task that takes a relatively longer time than other plumbing issues.

With a licensed and qualified plumber Chatsworth CA, you can expect to have the work completed in a shorter period of time. Qualified and experienced plumbers will start by assessing the damage and finding a way to gain access to the pipes. Once this is done, new pipes will be installed to replace the damaged ones and your system will be back to normal operations. Always ensure that you are dealing with licensed and reputable plumbers for all slab leak repairs.

How to Prevent Slab Leaks

Is there a way to prevent slab leaks from happening? Yes, there are certain measures that you can take and this will go a long way in protecting your property from slab leaks.  Here are some of the best suggestions:

  • Regulate Water Pressure

Generally, everyone loves high water pressure for various uses. As the water is flowing with excessive pressure, it tends to weaken the pipes and can cause them to burst. Talk to a professional plumber to help you with the adjustment of the water pressure on your property.

  • Shun Chemical Drain Cleaners

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners at all costs. While you may assume that this is a great way to get rid of the clogs, the chemicals are harmful to your pipes and will cause them to rapture.

  • Soften Water

If you have hard water, it can really affect your pipes. Installing water softeners is an effective way of making sure that your pipes are in the best shape.

Talk to Plumbing Experts for Slab Leak Repairs

There are many steps that you can follow to prevent slab leaks. However, they can still happen without sounding a warning. When this happens, CANDU Plumbing Company is ready to help you with the repairs. Get in touch with us and allow us to inspect your plumbing system and fix any leaks. 

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