How To Avoid Hair Clogs In Your Drain

Most homeowners have experienced clogged drains at one point in time. When a drain gets clogged by hair, water movement through the outlets will become slower or blocked. This usually results in stagnant water. Once you notice the lack of water movement through your drainage, your best bet is to call on expert plumbing professionals.

Meanwhile, a partial or complete blockage of the shower drain by hair is avoidable by carrying out some simple precautionary measures. 

Listed below are some of these measures. 

Installing a Drain Cover

A drain cover or drain screen is a device designed to trap hair flowing with the water. You can get them at hardware stores. By placing it in every bath outlet or tub in your house, you reduce the chances of the drain being clogged with hair. 

Remove Hair From Sinks & Showers

Another way to prevent hair from clogging your shower drain is by removing hair from the drain area when you see it. It is normal for hair to fall off while bathing, especially if you washed or brushed it. So instead of trying to push the hair down the drain with the water, you should remove and dispose of them properly. 

Flush Your Drains

Continually flushing your drain is one of the things you can do to prevent hair clogs. To do this, you have to fill every bathtub, sinks, and shower drains with warm water then have someone stand next to each of them. The drains should be opened simultaneously while flushing the toilet alongside. This method removes hair particles and other substances that can clog up the drains. 

Even after carrying out these preventive measures, there is still a chance that your shower drain will get clogged up. When this happens, you can either contact a professional plumber or consider DIY methods. 

Below are some effective DIY methods for fixing clogged drains. 

Using a Plunger

Asides from clogged toilets, you can also use a plunger on your drain. You can place it over your drain to suck up hair and other substances that clogged it up. 

Using Boiling Water

Another effective method of unclogging your drain is by pouring hot water down it. This is considered a safer method than the use of garage chemical solutions. 

Use Your Hands

Sometimes the best way to free your drain of clogs is to put on some gloves and manually remove the hair. This is easier when a drain screen is installed. 

Call a Plumber

When you have any plumbing issue, the best thing to do is always call in a professional plumber. Apart from being well trained to handle situations like that, a professional plumber will also educate you on things to do to avoid a plumbing problem from arising again. When it comes to fixing a clogged drain, plumbers use different methods and equipment. One such piece of equipment is the plumber snake. This is flexible, plastic rope-like material with spikes. This material is readily available at most hardware stores at an affordable price. 

Also, if you plan on using a chemical cleaner on your drain, a plumber can help you identify the non-toxic ones to use. 

Other Things That Could Clog Your Drains Apart From Hair

Apart from hair, there are some other things that can cause a clog in your shower drain. 

Listed below are some of these things. 

Soap Scum

Soap scum is a common cause of clogs in the bathtub. For those who don’t know, soap scum is responsible for the white stains you notice on your shower walls. Just like they collect on the bathroom walls to form a white stain, they also collect in the drain. As they wash down the drain, soap scum solidifies. They then stick to the sides of the piping until a blockage is formed.

Hard Water

Hard water usually contains a high mineral content. Although they can’t be seen with the naked eye, these minerals can cause a blockage in your drain. Just like in the case of soap scum, these minerals collect on the sides of piping. This collection builds up over time, leading to blockage of the drain. Water that has high pH levels is known to worsen this type of clog. 

Sand, Dirt, and Debris

Sand, dirt, and debris can also lead to a clogged drain. If you often visit the beach or you have children who play outside, you are likely to suffer from a drain clog. This is because your bodies must have trapped sands, dirt, or debris while outside. So, when you enter the shower with the aim of rinsing them off your body, most of these particles will get stuck in the drain. This will eventually build up and lead to a drain blockage. This is especially true if your shower does not have a particularly strong water flow.

To prevent a clogged drain as a result of sand, dirt, and debris, it is advisable to rinse off your body outside before going into the bathroom. You must make sure that all visible sand particles are rinsed off. You can do this using a beach shower or a hose connected to a water source. 

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