Choosing Bathroom Fixtures: What Homeowners Should Know

A bathroom redesign seems daunting, especially if you look at it in its entirety. However, when you break it into phases, it looks more manageable. Whether you’re starting from scratch or replacing certain fixtures, here are things you should keep in mind.

Spend on Your Bathroom Faucet

Faucets are among the most crucial bathroom fixtures. We use them in the morning, when getting ready to leave the house, and before bed. With faucets, you pay for what you get—cheaper ones need several replacements, but something well-built will last practically a lifetime. Opt for faucets from plumbing specialty stores instead of big-box retailers; the latter is more likely to sell fixtures that give out within three to five years.

Besides being functional, faucets need to complement your bathroom. Different sinks require different types of faucets. For example, if you have a vessel-style sink, you’ll need a faucet with a taller spout. Meanwhile, if you have a counter-mounted sink, you might want to have the traditional kind with levers or knobs. Faucets are among the first things people see in a bathroom, so you don’t want them to look cheap.

Consider Style in Choosing a Sink

There are three basic types of sinks—under-mount, top-mount, and vessel sinks. Under-mount is perfect for family homes since they’re low maintenance. Since the top of the sink is nearly level with the countertop, this type is easier to wipe down. Meanwhile, top-mount sinks have exposed rims, which means a slightly longer cleaning time.

There are also vessel sinks, the type which looks like a bowl sitting on the countertop. Many people consider this a stylish option for powder rooms, but they can be challenging to clean and are prone to other functional issues. If you want to install this correctly, you must hire expert plumbers & rooters to do the job.

Decide Where to Put Bath Accessories

Towel bars, racks, and rings should be near fixtures like sinks, showers, and tubs. Towels need to be near these areas; if you have more than one sink or vanity, you need to install bars or rings for each area. Place toilet paper holders as well—people usually overlook these, but they can also add style and function to your bathroom interiors.

Stick to One Type of Finish for Hardware

Bathroom fixtures can come in several metal finishes like brushed, satin, antiqued, and polished chrome. They can also use solid or plated metals with coatings of aluminum, chromium, or even titanium. Most people use one type of finish throughout—if their sink faucet is copper, their drawer handles will be copper as well. 

However, if you have a flair for style or hired an expert plumber to install your bathroom fixtures, you could go for a mix of styles and metals. Remember that an eclectic style can quickly look disorganized if you don’t know what you are doing.

Consider Changing Your Shower Head

A lovely shower is one of the best ways to start your morning. It helps us wake up and prepare for the day. However, showers can be an unpleasant experience. For example, few people will willingly jump into a cold shower early in the morning!

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel, consider including your shower head in the items you will replace. Newer heads let you control the water flow, pressure, and temperature of your showers. Consider the spray pattern as well. Different models have different showerhead nozzles, but there are four basic types—wide, targeted, rinse, and pulsating.

In wide nozzles, the water sprays at the same speed and consistency. Meanwhile, targeted sprays shoot water out of only a few nozzles, and rinse sprays pour water meant for soaking. Finally, some showers have pulsating sprays that shoot out water in specific patterns.

Keep in mind that the more water pressure the shower needs, the higher your energy consumption. You can use less water without sacrificing water pressure by choosing a unit with an EPA WaterSense Certification.

Have an Open Window or Ventilation in Your Bathroom

Toilets and showers quickly accumulate mold and mildew. Besides being unsightly, they can also wear down your appliances and affect your health. Prevent mold and mildew growth by having an open window or providing ventilation in your bathroom. If your budget cannot accommodate having windows, installing exhaust fans could be the answer. An exhaust fan will keep mold growth at bay and ensure your bathroom walls and floors are dry.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Products

Before purchasing fixtures for your bathroom, keep in mind that all faucets in the U.S. and Canada should be lead-free. In the past, people weren’t at much risk of purchasing uncertified bathroom faucets and hardware. It is because they only had access to these items through legitimate sellers. However, unscrupulous individuals can sell uncertified faucets online through sites like Amazon, eBay, Overstock, and Wayfair.

Although many sellers on these sites ensure their products’ quality, some sell contraband or illegal bathroom hardware. If the faucet you want to purchase isn’t certified, you might put your family in danger of falling seriously ill.

Before purchasing anything, whether from online stores or through specialist retailers, do your research. Check for certifications and ensure that the store follows applicable laws and regulations in your state. You have to do this for your family’s health, but also to protect your home insurance. It is possible that your insurance might not cover faucet failures because of an illegal faucet. Even if you purchase it legally, your insurance company’s rules might prevent you from collecting benefits if your home gets flooded due to faucet failure. 


When redesigning private spaces in your home, like your bathroom, you have to prioritize comfort. Aesthetics and the price point are only secondary considerations—since you’ll be using these spaces most of the time, you’d want to feel comfortable using them. You don’t want to spend money repairing and remodeling your bathroom every few years; instead, go for a functional and timeless style.

Thinking of sprucing up your bathroom or giving it a new look? Candu Plumbing & Rooter can help—we are plumbers in San Fernando Valley providing new fixtures services. Check out our locations or contact us today for inquiries!

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