Why Homeowners Should Consider Pipe Bursting for Plumbing

There comes a time when our plumbing needs to be replaced or repaired extensively. Even with proper maintenance, this can simply happen because of wear and tear over the years. Plumbing systems can be highly susceptible to developing issues because they are so out of sight. So, there’s a tendency for homeowners to neglect their maintenance.

If you’re in need of an efficient way to repair or replace your pipes, pipe bursting may be the best way to go. This method calls for a new pipe that will then be forced through the old one, effectively bursting the previous pipe while replacing it as you go. It is advisable to get a professional plumber so it can be effectively done. 

If you’re not sure why pipe bursting may be better than other options out there, consider these benefits. 

Pipe Bursting Is Safe

Because of the name, there may be concern about how safe this method is. However, it’s actually one of the safest ways to fix your plumbing problems. Because this method nixes the need for extensive digging, you are actually more protected from exposure to harmful substances than other traditional fixes that would reveal such dangers. 

Pipe Bursting Has a Longer Life Span

It’s natural to want solutions that are durable when investing in big home improvement projects and significant repairs. It just makes the time and money worth it because you won’t need to get the hassle and expense of getting things repaired again any time soon. 

The great thing about pipe bursting is that this method is generally marked with having a life span of over fifty years. 

Pipe Bursting Can Solve Pretty Much Any Issue

Unless you have an extremely complicated case on your hands (which is rare), you’ll find that pipe bursting can pretty much repair any type of damage or issue that you have. Any problematic regions in your plumbing systems should be remedied by the method. 

Pipe Bursting Causes Less Damage 

The name may, again, make it seem like a risky and damaging method to replace pipes. However, it’s better than traditional pipe repairs when it comes to the damage that your property has to endure. 

Usually, pipe repairs require a lot of digging and even breaking parts of your home’s structure. It can even lead to some pipe damage. When you opt for pipe bursting, you only need one small access hole to get things started. This ends up causing less property damage and even lowers the environmental impact.

Pipe Bursting Is the Most Cost-Effective Solution

On top of how durable this method is, it also ends up reducing sewer line costs. Subsequently, this also means you end up with fewer maintenance costs over the years. 

From the start, it’s also less labor-intensive to accomplish, lessening costs on that end. You’ll also have less clean-up and property repairs to deal with.


Pipe bursting can be simple when done by a qualified professional and can be finished in just a few hours. It can even be helpful for emergency plumbing.

If you’re about to call a professional plumber to get an extensive repair done, consider asking for pipe bursting services instead. It’s a good investment that has significant long-term benefits for your plumbing system. 

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