A Guide on How to Keep Your Plumbing Costs Low this Winter

A Guide on How to Keep Your Plumbing Costs Low this Winter 

As the song says, “it is beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.” It is the season for us to be together with our family. It is also time for our plumbing costs to go up the roof. 

In the past years, we expect our utility bills to go up during Christmas. The government is warning us that it will be even more expensive this year. However, you do not have to rack up the cost to remain warm and toasty this Winter.  

You and your loved ones can still enjoy the warmth of the season without having to pay exorbitant heating expenses. It is a matter of preparation. Here are a few tips on how you can winterize your plumbing system:

FloodStop System

Even if you do not spend your holidays in your home, you must check your FloodStop system. It is near the water heater and hard-wired to your existing electrical system. Inspecting this will save you a great deal of money and prevent any damage to your home.

As its name suggests, it stops the flood. Let us say that during your vacation, this system detected water. It will automatically shut the supply and sound an alarm. It will save your home from structural damage caused by the flood. Thus, saving you from repair costs. 


You can also save a lot of money if you plan on where to put your heating pipes. It will take your heating system to work if the lines are in frigid locations, such as the garage or basement. Although we do not recommend moving your heating system, you might want to consider its placement next time you have significant water heater repair.

It is ideal if your heating lines are in warm areas. This location would mean that it will not take a lot of time for your system to heat up. Thus, you do not have to take up a lot of fuel to make the overall temperature hospitable.  


You also need to check the overall condition of your lines. Your heating system will be more efficient if they are in good working order. In other words, your heating system will not take up a lot of energy if they are in proper condition.

The ideal time for you to inspect the tanks and the pipes is during the summer because the labor cost is not that high. If you have not done that, call a professional plumber immediately. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Exhausts and Intakes

Once done with the inspection of your tanks and lines, you must check the exhaust and intakes. You have to keep a close eye on any damages so that you can have them fixed as soon as possible. You must also be aware of any blockage. 

Hopefully, you will only need to deal with leaves. But you might also stumble upon dead animals. Clearing out these will ensure that your heating system is working correctly. It will also help prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. 


While the amount of money you save from taking these steps is not a lot, savings is still savings. You can use this for something more fun for you and your loved ones this Christmas.

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