5 Easy Steps to Prevent Gas Leaks at Home

Gas leaks are one of those worst-case scenarios that any homeowner wouldn’t want to experience. It can be one of the most dangerous things to happen to your house, so it only makes sense to be prepared and to know what to do to prevent that ever from happening. This simple guide shows you what steps you can take to prevent and detect gas leaks in your home.

Check the Signs

One of the most noticeable signs of a gas leak is noticing the smell of gas in the air or in various areas of your house. As soon as you notice that strong smell of gasoline, you should immediately look for any sources of heat or fire and turn them off or remove them from the premises immediately. You should also switch off the main gas line to cut off the supply of gas temporarily. Then, try to look for appliances that seem to have parts that look burnt or if they are accompanied by soot. 

Watch Out for Not-so-Obvious Signs

We mentioned above that the smell of a gas leak is easy to detect when you’re at home. However, what happens when you can’t smell any of the gas leaking, but there’s still a leak somewhere? Well, a slow gas leak may not be easy to detect or smell, but you can always observe if you or any family member is exhibiting signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

If anyone is experiencing some flu-like symptoms like nausea, lightheadedness, or dizziness whenever they’re at home, it could be possible that they’re being poisoned already by the gas. Try going outside and getting some fresh air. If you feel better every time you do that, then the possibility of a leak just becomes that much more probable.

Have Your Gas Lines Inspected

As a responsible homeowner, you should always have your gas lines checked every few months or so. Have them give you a complete and accurate report about the state of all your gas appliances. A professional plumber in Canoga Park can make the assessment for you and tell you if there are any issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Check Your Gas Safety Documents

Making sure that all your gas appliances are installed correctly is the next step for you. Begin by looking at the official documents and manuals and checking if the appliance was installed correctly and if you’re using it the way the manufacturer intended. This will make sure that your appliances aren’t at risk of breaking down and causing leaks or other issues that could be disastrous to your home. If you find something loose or needs replacement, contact a professional as soon as possible and have them install the appliance correctly. 

Replace Old Gas Fittings

If you’re living in an old house that’s been around for generations, then your gas line might already be deteriorating, which can lead to leaks. This is because of the gas line piping system working past its lifetime and has already begun to corrode and get rusty. It’s best to have your old gas fittings replaced with new ones. Call your local plumbing company and have them replace your old gas line with a new system that’s less prone to leaks.


Gas leaks are the last thing you’d want to have in your home. If you think you have a leak in your home, you better leave the house immediately and call some professionals to find the leak for you. These tips can also help you prevent a leak from happening by taking good care of your house.

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