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How Effective Is A Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

One of the most common problems that property owners have to deal with is the sewer line. There are many things that can affect your sewer line and may force you to have the entire system replaced. In the past, plumbers would have to dig out the whole sewer line with the hope that they will get to the root of the problem. Ultimately, this was quite expensive and would cause a lot of damage. Times have now changed and there is an advanced technology that makes it possible for the sewer lines to be inspected using a camera.

If you have come across trenchless sewer replacement, this is made possible by the video inspections. Professional plumbers in Canoga Park CA use this option to fix the sewer lines effortlessly. Sewer backups can be annoying and the worst bit is when you do not even have an idea of where the problem is. We want to look at the sewer line camera inspection and how they work so that you can understand how effective they are.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

The moment you realize that the sewer lines are not working as required, this is an indication that there may be problems in the pipes. Due to the vast and extensive nature of these pipes, you may not be able to tell easily where the blockage is. As such, using the sewer line camera inspection, plumbers are able to get into the pipes and inspect them without digging up your property. Sewer line repair is not a small task and with this in mind, it is advisable to try and avoid additional problems.

Professional plumbers line CANDU Plumbing will have a flexible snake-cable that has a camera attached to one end. This is what will be fed to the sewer lines and transmits a live feed to a screen. The camera will record the exact location of the problem and the plumbers are able to provide targeted repairs. If the pipes are extensively damaged, this would call for a sewer line replacement.

What Sewer Line Problems Can be Identified with Camera Inspection?

Camera inspection of the sewer line will help identify a good number of problems. Some of the common ones include: 

  • Tree root problems: Where there are trees growing on your property, they may end up infiltrating the sewer lines. Most were lines are made from porous materials and as such, trees will find a way of penetrating them. Using a camera inspection you can identify such problems easily.
  • Broken Pipes: If your sewer lines are broken, you may not notice easily. With the video inspection technology plumbers are able to see if there are any parts of the pipes which are damaged, cracked, collapsed, or broken.
  • Sagging Sewer Lines: For older sewer pipes, they may end up sagging or getting bellied. This will cause the waste to be trapped in the sagging areas and this can cause sewer backups. Using a video inspection technique it is easier to spot such issues.
  • Blockages: Your pipes may be in excellent condition and do not need any repairs. However, as the waste goes down the drain, this can cause a build-up and major blockages. With the help of a camera inspection, it is easier to spot such problems and have them fixed.

Sewer Repair and Replacement Canoga Park CA

There are different methods that can be used in repairing and replacing sewer lines. Through the traditional repair method, there will be trenches that will be dug out so as to expose the pipes. The main disadvantage with this method is the fact that there are other parts of the plumbing that may be damaged and affected significantly. 

With the camera inspection, you can have your sewer lines repaired using the trenchless method. Through this method, the exact location where there is a problem will be identified and the only place where digging will occur is the access point. This saves you the trouble of having to dig up the entire yard. 

Regular drain cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure that your sewer lines are not clogged. For the best results, it is imperative to work with a qualified plumber for such services.

Sewer Line Services

Are your drains and sewers backing up? There is a possibility that there are clogs in your system. CANDU Plumbing is one of the best companies that will provide camera inspections for your sewer lines. Contact us today and get a free quote for the same. 

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