Know What to Do With a Gas Leak in Your Home

Gas leaks are common, but unfortunately, many households experience this. Don’t be one of them. With the right knowledge, you might be able to address the issue safely by yourself. 

Know Where to Find the Gas Leak

Before that, the first thing to do is to know the common places where gas leaks often happen. 

You can expect a gas leak to occur where pipes come together at the fittings—old shut off valves, unions, tees, flexible supply lines, regulators, and risers. When these connections aren’t tight enough, problems can occur. 

There are also leaks that appear in black iron piping, which isn’t corrosion-resistant, that’s why it shouldn’t get wet. It’s a lot trickier when the pipe is buried in the ground without protection because it could rust away, which will eventually make it crumble. 

Another thing is, when a new roof is installed, gas leaks may happen because the Corrugated Stainless Steel Lines (CSST) on new homes can be punctured easily by roofing nails. This happens when the line is installed close to the roof. 

There are times when the leak is evident immediately, while in some cases, it can take months for the issue to appear. That’s why if you recently replaced your roof, having a plumber to check on your gas lines, especially if you have a CSST system is crucial to prevent gas leaks. 

Checking for Gas Leaks

Now that you know the common places where gas leaks may occur, you can check the problem by yourself. The good thing about this is that you can smell it quickly, so if you notice gas near gas pipes or gas appliances, there’s likely a leak there. 

Meanwhile, if the smell is coming from outside and you see dead grass, it could be that your gas line has leaked underground. It could be happening long enough that it has started to affect your yard. 

What to Do With a Gas Leak

The first thing to do is to turn off the shut-off valves. Minor leaks can be repaired easily by your plumber and get the gas running back on that same day. On the other hand, if the smell of gas is overwhelming, it’s best to leave the property immediately and contact a professional to shut off the gas. 

Another thing to remember is when you find gas in your home, don’t use your mobile phone, operate an electric switch, or open a garage door. Additionally, don’t smoke or have an open flame in the area where you smell the gas. 

You can only do so much with a gas leak, which is why it’s essential you know where they are, how to identify them, and what to do when you’re facing a similar situation. 

Safety First

It’s crucial to use caution with gas because it can be dangerous. Knowing the common issues and how you can address them are important. Make sure to be safe at all times when you get a strong whiff of gas in your home. 

Call a professional to address it immediately, and as mentioned, if the smell is overwhelming, leave the premises right away. You shouldn’t take gas leaks lightly and instead, act right away when you smell gas on your property; otherwise, things could get worse if you don’t do anything about it!

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