How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Shower on Your Property

Nothing beats a relaxing dip in the tub in the backyard. Outdoor showers are excellent investments that can boost the value of your house, despite their reputation for being a costly (or even excessive) luxury. Outdoor showers sell for roughly double the asking price of other homes, so installing one can save you money.

The following advice is designed to help homeowners better understand the essential things to think about when building an outdoor shower system.

1. Ensure Sufficient Privacy

When planning an outdoor shower, one of your priorities should be privacy. It protects you from perverted people and keeps you out of embarrassing situations in the event of a wardrobe malfunction.

To establish a cost-effective design for privacy, plant as many green plants around your outdoor shower as it would adequately cover your shower space. These can provide you with both privacy and a scenic view.

2. Choose an Appropriate Style for Your Setting

Second, always choose a style that complements your environment. This means you should think about any existing landscaping or garden that you can incorporate into your outdoor shower. It is suggested that the overall design includes seamless integration of all elements present in the area where you intend to install an outdoor shower.

For example, if you have a tropical garden set up adjacent to your shower, you can have a Balinese-style outdoor shower that complements the design of your garden.

3. Select the Most Suitable Location

Plan out how you will use your outdoor shower so that you can choose the best location for it. Consider placing your shower in a location where you can benefit from natural lighting to illuminate your space.

Build your outdoor shower in front of your beach property if you want to shower after swimming at the beach. If you’re going to build an outdoor bathroom, place your shower next to the pool.

4. Think about Plumbing and Drainage

Having access to an existing plumbing system is the best way to save money when building an outdoor shower. A hot and cold shower combination can add a little amenity to your shower that you and your visitors can enjoy. 

You should also plan to locate your outdoor shower near a proper drainage system, as flooding from your shower area is a possibility. This can be disgusting and unappealing to look at. Make sure that the drains are easy to access in case of drain cleaning and other maintenance.


Including an outdoor shower in your new construction or custom-made house, designs are a great way to enhance your home’s style and functionality. Whether you’re washing off after a swim in the pool, rinsing off sand after a beach vacation, scrubbing off after a few hours in a muddy garden, or cleaning up your kids and pets, an outdoor shower system is increasingly becoming a popular feature with new homeowners.

Shower options and features have never been more affordable, with outdoor shower systems ranging from a primary garden hose attached to an elevated support stand to fully functional, self-contained showers that can compete with their indoor equivalents.

When preparing to create an outdoor shower, consult with the best people for the job. If you’re seeking a reliable, professional plumber in Canoga Park, CA, Candu Plumbing & Rooter should be the first name that comes to mind. Contact us today!

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