Primary Reasons There’s a Spike in Your Monthly Water Bill

As a savvy homeowner, you must be critical of your monthly dues. Your monthly dues may include home inspections, repairs, and maintenance, as well as bills such as for your monthly electricity and water consumption. If you’re not attentive to, let’s say, handling your water bill, you may face exponential spikes. With extra caution, you can save money by optimizing your water utilization. 

It may come as a shock when your monthly bill is abruptly a lot higher than expected. Fortunately, there are ways to get to the root of the problem. The best way to know precisely what’s causing the billing increment is to have a handyman visit your home and analyze the issue. 

A handyperson will have the vital gear and information to pinpoint the reason and suggest an answer. In the meantime, we’ll assist you and meticulously describe the primary reasons there’s a spike in your monthly water bill.

The Occasional Increase 

Now, let’s get straight to the point: Your water bill is showing a short increment as the season changed. This frequently happens in summer, when people are watering gardens, running yard sprinklers, filling pools, and outright showering all the more regularly.  In light of this, your water consumption has been higher than expected recently. 

Moreover, another sudden leap may happen during the Christmas season or any time that you end up facilitating countless visitors, washing more dishes, and maybe even doing more laundry. 

Fortunately for this case, no pipe fix is required. In spite of the fact that you’ll have to settle your bills, know that the climb of numbers in your bill is simply transitory. Make sure you can support yourself and your family with the total amount of costs you will have to pay.

The Inaccurate Water Meter Problem

Sometimes, the meters just don’t function properly anymore. The numbers are not adding up, even if you’re barely home! We’ve all been there. If you have not experienced this yet, one day, your meter will inevitably break down and report questionable figures simply due to the wear and tear. 

Nonetheless, if no issue with the meter is uncovered, you’ll be liable for the expense of the testing. If you want to ensure that your meter works properly, try testing it out by shutting off all water supplies in your home, checking the meter, filling a vast holder with a deliberate measure of water, and verifying that the meter precisely mirrors the measure of water you just used.

The Spilling or Overflowing Toilet 

Spilling latrines are a really normal pipe issue, bringing about many liters of squandered water. To see if a latrine spill is answerable for your out of this world water charge, search for the accompanying signs:

  • Sodden floor around the latrine base
  • Cracked or broken porcelain
  • Continually running latrines (even when not in use)
  • Trouble flushing
  • Sudden stench of sewage

In the event that you recognize any of the abovementioned, contact an authorized handyperson to fix your latrine. 

The Malfunctioning Pipes 

Water spills coming from your pipes are somewhat harder to spot since they are commonly installed inside the walls of your home. However, you must be attentive and look for clues. Use your sensory skills and observe bizarre stale-smelling smells from the air or your water supply, stained water, stripping paint, and mold buildup. 

With malfunctioning pipes, you face a serious issue brought on by water damage to your home. Luckily, you can employ the services of a crisis plumber to fix this issue immediately.

The Broken Underground Plumbing 

Aside from malfunctioning pipes, you may also face broken underground plumbing. An underground pipe break might show itself in different ways. 

Search for warning signs such as corroded metal, filthy-looking water, a sharp drop in your home water pressure, sinkholes in your yard, and explicit regions that are wet, soft, rotten, or overgrown, particularly contrasted with the encompassing grass. 

Tragically, underground pipe spills require earnest and broad fixes. The sooner you begin repairs, the better!

The Water Conditioner Is Stuck in Regeneration Mode

Water conditioners flush out hard minerals during their recovery or regeneration mode. In each cycle, it utilized 25 to 50 gallons of new water. In the event that your water conditioner is caught in “recovery mode,” you are at risk of squandering a lot of fresh water and increasing your water bill. 

Fortunately, a pipe fixer can help your water conditioner guarantee that it just enters recovery mode on determined occasions, rather than perpetually regenerating itself. 

The Defective Water Appliances

Water-utilizing appliances such as the water heater, the washing machine, and the dishwasher are susceptible to breakages, spillages, and leaks, which all contribute to your monthly water bill. This is why a regular review or inspection of these appliances is highly recommended.

If you want to try it yourself, look at the heated water tank and floor of your shower room. In the event that you spy any spillage or that the heater is taking longer than expected to warm up, your high temp water is overcast, or the tank is thundering or popping, then you must call a solid handyman at once.

For your laundry machine, examine the floor for proof of a clothes washer spill. Defective clothes washers will surely cause a mess in this region. Additionally, ensure that the washer hose is immovably joined. If these don’t help, you may want to call for maintenance help to inspect your machine.

Likewise, with a clothes washer or a water heater, start examining the floor for indications of spillages. Then, at that point, check out the cupboards and dividers around the apparatus for clamminess. If you highly suspect that your dishwasher is defective, contact a professional to repair it for you. 

The Swimming Pool Leak 

Breaks in your pool or sprinkler framework can squander a great many gallons of water and essentially raise your month-to-month water bill. Indications of a pool spill include diminished water levels in the pool, breaks in the tile or cement of the pool, and wet spots in the yard encompassing the pool.

The Sprinkler Leak

Signs that show you have a break in the sprinkler framework include an overflow of water on the lavish spaces of your yard, water spilling over from a sprinkler head, and the ground around a sprinkler head is drenched. 

On the off chance that you think you have a break in your pool or sprinklers, contact a handyman for help. They can rapidly discover the wellspring of the break and fix it to forestall the squandering of fresh new water.


Perhaps there is not just one particular reason for the spike in your monthly water bill. Indeed, even your waste effort framework can flop unexpectedly at almost any time of the day. Because of the unpredictable movements of your water supply, you must consider professional water crisis maintenance to help you address this type of issue. 

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