Plumbing 101: Is Repiping a Home a Good Household Investment?

In general, there is no need for repiping—at least in the next 80 to 100 years. However, since the market for real estate is a bit challenging to break, some household owners result in remodeling or repiping their homes entirely for added value. But does changing the water system to a new one raise the value of a house?

How Much Does Repiping Cost?

The cost for repiping varies depending on the factors affecting the project. For example, a bigger house can cost more than a smaller one. Meanwhile, other factors like materials used, the number of bathrooms in the household, or the overall accessibility of the pipes can also contribute to the rise or fall of the project’s final price. It’s best to consult professional plumbers for help to give an educated guess of the total cost.

Why Should Household Owners Repipe a House?

The most common reason for a repiping job is the pipe system’s wear and tear. Some houses haven’t reached the expected 80 to 100 years but have already shown signs of bad plumbing. Although it’s not time yet, homeowners shouldn’t wait for a few more years to address the problems. It’s best to tackle the issues head-on the minute they show up to prevent further damage.

1. Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe is always an excellent reason to kickstart a repair process. However, if the damage becomes too extensive, it’s probably best to continue with a repiping project instead. The benefit homeowners get out of overall redoing their water system is the security that they will not experience leaks in a few years.

Meanwhile, for people planning to sell the property anytime soon, it’s a great reason to add a bit on the pricing and call it an improvement project. It also assures the next owners of the house that they can sleep in peace, knowing that their water system wouldn’t leak anytime soon.

2. Low Water Pressure

There will be instances where the water pressure in a household becomes weak. However, if the symptom becomes too recurring, it might be a sign of a problem within the house’s pipe system. 

The best way to determine what causes the low pressure is by calling an emergency plumber near you. They can identify the causes of weak water pressure by doing a few tests.

3. Undrinkable Water

Dirty water causes health risks on people that accidentally drink them. Therefore, observing and noticing the water coming from faucets should be everyone in the household’s responsibility.

Moreover, if the water does not run properly, it’s likely a sign that it has become contaminated due to a broken pipe or pipeline. The only way to evade the diseases caused by contaminated water is by calling for help from professional plumbers that can help sort the problem.

4. Corroding Pipes

Lastly, the most crucial reason why homeowners should initiate a repiping project is when they’ll notice that the pipes have become corroded. Corrosion occurs when metals get exposed to water for an extended period. 

Clean water affected by corrosion can damage the body’s digestive and respiratory tract, eyes, and skin upon consumption.


Repiping a home is a good investment for personal and business reasons. People in their homes can rest easy knowing that their water supply is steady, safe, and away from danger. It also helps to know that their utility bill for water wouldn’t reach a new high after several repairs. On the other hand, people aiming to sell the property in the future can ask for a higher selling price while arguing that the pipes are new and the future owners can save a lot of money.

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