Things You Should Never Ever Flush Down Your Toilet

Clogged toilets are easier to prevent than most people realize. If you have had to call a plumber to unclog a toilet before, they might have told you the reason for the blockage. The most common cause for clogged toilets is flushing down things that do not belong there. 

Remember that there is only a finite space in the pipes that are connected to your toilet. If you make it a habit to flush all sorts of things down your toilet, you will likely experience a clogged toilet after some time. If you are looking to avoid the inconvenience of a blocked toilet, this blog post will share some of the most outrageous things people have admitted to flushing down their toilets and why you should avoid them. 

Things You Should Never Ever Flush Down Your Toilet

Let’s face it. There were times when we had all been tempted to flush something down the toilet. Whether it be for convenience or because there is no trash can nearby, there are instances where we have at least thought of flushing some things down the toilet.

Here is a list of various things that should never be flushed to minimize the risk of getting your toilet clogged. 

1 – Wet Wipes

Wet wipes (and even tissues) are thick and almost towel-like. Even if you buy a brand that claims to be “flushable” and safe for your toilet, the fact remains that all wet wipes belong in the trash can and not in the toilet. 

2 – Feminine Hygiene Products

Tampons and sanitary napkins often find their way into the toilet bowl. The materials that are found inside these products are highly absorbent and will expand when they come into contact with liquids. These may cause extreme damage to your pipes if you flush them down the toilet.

3 – Dental Floss

While dental floss may seem like a harmless thing to flush, it isn’t. If these strings get caught in your pipes, they may cause blockages if other things get caught in them as well. It will prevent your toilet from flushing properly and may cause backed-up or blocked toilets in the long run. 

4 – Diapers

This one is a little strange as it should be too large to be flushed. However, it remains to be one of the most common things that are flushed. 

5 – Grease

Grease is another thing that should never be flushed. Keep in mind that grease is liquid when it is heated but hardens when cooled. This means that any grease that gets caught in your pipes will turn into a major obstruction later on. 


While this list only begins to scratch the surface of things that should never see the inside of your plumbing system, these are definitely some of the most common items that people flush down the toilet. It pays to remember that none of these items were designed to disintegrate when they get flushed, so you will likely be left with a blocked toilet as a result. 

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