Sewer Problems Only Line Camera Inspections Can Find

Below the pavement and underneath houses and apartment buildings are millions of sewer lines. They are interconnected pipes that carry waste away from homes and keeping the surrounding areas clean. Most of the time, sewers do their jobs silently. However, once something goes wrong, it will be immediately apparent to people in the affected area. 

Since different sewer lines vary in age, some parts of the sewer may be more susceptible to damage than others. However, sometimes spotting a problem with a sewer line may not be as easy as you thought. It may take more than just an ocular inspection to ensure that the extent of the problem is assessed. This blog post will shed some light on the novelty of using line cameras to find faulty parts of the sewer pipe system. 

Sewer Problems Only Line Camera Inspections Can Find

With the advent of modern technology, there is no more need to dig up the affected area and comb it until the damage is found. Small line cameras may be used to look into the pipes and zero in on the problem. Here is a list of sewage pipe problems that line cameras will be able to find. 

1 – Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are too thin to be seen from afar. The only other way to find out if something is wrong with the pipe (other than digging up the pipe to inspect it|) is to use a line camera to look into the possible places where the hairline cracks may be. 

2 – Sagging Pipes

Since there are millions of miles of pipes, finding a damaged or sagging pipe may be like finding a needle in a haystack. Line cameras will reduce the amount of effort and hassle in your attempt to narrow down on the problem. 

3 – Shifting in the Pipe Joints

Some of the pipes may be significantly older than others, which may be more susceptible to shifting. These shifts may be caused by anything to shiting the ground supporting the pipes to an excess of groundwater. 

4 – Tree Roots in the Pipes

If there are trees in the surrounding area of the sewer, their roots may grow into the pipes, causing significant damage and leaks. Line cameras will linesfind the exact locations of the damaged pipes, making a more efficient way to repair and fix them.

5 – Grease

Grease from leftover food and cooking may find its way into the drains and eventually into the sewers. If the grease buildups are too great, it may lead to drainage problems and clogging in the long run. Since the grease will be in the interior of the pipes, line cameras will be a convenient way to look for the specific section of pipe experiencing the problem. 


If you notice any signs that point to a busted pr faulty sewer line, it is best to call in professionals to assess the situation and fix the problem. These professionals will have the necessary training and equipment to repair it successfully. The sooner you call a professional, the better. You may face a bigger problem if you leave it unchecked. 

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