3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Dishwasher Cleaning Routine

Dishwashers have become essentials in an American household. As the kitchen appliance helps families take care of their dishes and lessen manual labor, it’s an excellent investment for busy people.

However, most homeowners would experience a clogged dishwasher, especially the ones that have been used for many years. But before the kitchen appliance breaks, various signs point to its need for a cleaning routine. Here are some of them that can tell you it’s time to schedule a dishwasher cleaning routine.

Common Dishwasher Signs and Symptoms

The signs that point to a much-needed cleaning routine include auditory and visual cues. As obvious as they may appear, they point to the machine’s unruly behavior—far from the standards set by the manufacturers.

1. Gurgling Noises

Dishwashers shouldn’t make any weird noises. Besides the sound the machine works from the components operating within the device, gurgling noises should be out of the picture. Water trying to get around a blockage or clogged pipe within the machine often causes gurgling sounds. It’s what people hear when water passes through an air bubble, resulting in eerie yet apparent sounds.

It’s best to call a plumber for a drain cleaning service to make sure no waterway is blocked within the system. Although it’s not a major concern at first since most people leave the dishwasher working while away from home, the damage produced by extreme water pressures may lead to problems such as floods in the kitchen.

2. Slow Flow

After use, a dishwasher should drain the water involved to wash and rinse the plates, utensils, and other kitchen tools you place in it. However, one sign of a much-needed dishwasher cleaning routine involves a slow flow of wastewater during drainage. No matter how less of an issue it is, having a solid flow for the appliance is always the better choice as people can do more washing cycles when it quickly reverts to its first step.

A plumber can solve the issue by checking all the pipes and exits in a dishwasher used for draining wastewater. Food scraps and other debris often cause the kitchen appliance to drain slower than its manufacturer’s standards. However, after a thorough cleaning routine, the dishwasher should seem brand new and drain much faster.

3. More Dirty Dishes

A standard wash cycle in a dishwasher involves several steps to make sure kitchen utensils come out clean in every session. Even a single clog or blockage may result in more dirty dishes after a single washing session.

However, besides blockage, another reason for dirty dishes might be an issue with the water source itself. Although dishwashers do not require strong water pressure, they need a steady water flow to ensure the wash and rinse cycles stay uninterrupted. Homeowners should also take care of the water source of the pipes that provide and deliver water to the machine.


Although routine maintenance for a dishwasher may seem unimportant at first, homeowners will realize that keeping all the pipes and outlets in the appliance clean at all times can affect the machine’s efficiency and performance.

Besides a better water flow, cleaning the device can also prevent it from getting clogged and malfunctioning. Also, routine maintenance can lessen constant flooding, which can be the worst-case scenario for most homeowners. Nobody wants to come home to a kitchen pooling with water. By making sure a dishwasher functions well, homeowners also protect their property from water damage from within.

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