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3 Signs That Tell a Sewer Line Is Broken and May Need Repair

Routine maintenance checks are essential for every household. It is the homeowner’s way of ensuring that no components making up the house are at risk of damage, repairs, or replacements. The process of checking things once in a while is also a sign of being an excellent homeowner for considering the house’s structural integrity at all times.

Damaged sewer lines are a common problem in a house. Responsible for wastewater drainage, sewer lines are often at risk of experiencing corrosion, blockage, and leaks. Even if the symptoms are minimal and unnoticeable most of the time, homeowners need to schedule maintenance to check on their situation. 

Before the experts come into the picture, how can the people living in the house tell that there might be a problem in their place’s sewer line? Here’s how.

1. Swampy Soil, Greener Land

The most common effect of a broken sewer pipe is unwanted flooding in the area affected. As a result, homeowners should notice that a specific place in their property would often be wet, soggy, or home to more weeds.

For severe cases, the leakage in the sewer line may produce a sinkhole in the land due to the continuous supply of wastewater in the area. When the soil on top of the sewer line can’t handle the wetness anymore, it may collapse and leave a massive void in the land.

2. Influx of Insects

Broken sewer lines are ideal homes for rodents and other critters. It allows a steady water supply and makes an excellent place for hiding from predators or raising a family. 

Although it doesn’t seem like a big problem at first, rodents will sometimes traverse the sewer line and may end up using it as an entrance to the house. The next thing homeowners know is they are already infested with pests, which will be challenging to manage in the long run.

3. Damaged Slabs or Drywall

Since broken sewer lines provide a steady supply of water in a specific area, the problem may cause a shift in the land level, affecting the soil beneath the house itself. The early signs of a damaged sewer line involving the house are cracks on drywall, doors more challenging to open or close, and saggy floors. 

It’s best to call a plumber if any of these signs manifest to have them check where the issue is coming from and prevent it from worsening. Urgent repairs should keep the house from getting ruined.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Breakage

Sewer lines are most susceptible to corrosion related to age and tree root infiltration. Most of the time, both causes manifest simultaneously, making it difficult to determine which of the two is the culprit.

For houses built before the 1970s, there is a massive chance that the sewer pipes installed are made out of clay or galvanized steel. As the sewer pipes begin to age, they become weaker and subject to breakage. It’s important to replace old pipes or maintain new ones to guarantee their longevity.


Nowadays, many plumbing companies offer sewer line repairs or replacements. They work by digging an access trench near the affected area, cutting the main sewer line, and removing the damaged section. After prepping the replacement pipe, the plumbing contractors will fit the line and weld them together to solve homeowners’ problems.

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