These Might Be Causing Your Sewer Line to Backup

Having an efficient sewer line ultimately increases your home’s value and improves your home situation. If you don’t have one, life could get a little more complicated.  However, because your sewage line is connected to the central sewer system or a septic tank, plumbing issues may arise now and then. 

When you encounter a situation where your sewer line backs up, you may quickly find yourself perplexed due to a clogged drain! So without further ado, we’ll share with you what is causing your sewer line to back up. 

Invading Tree Roots

Tree roots have the potential to wreak havoc on sewer pipes. A good explanation behind this is that the roots of trees expand in search of food and water. As a result, they form and move adjacent to wastewater pipes over time. They wrap your pipes, eventually burst them, or cause them to clog. 

When tree roots invade your drains, they may also become clogged or cause drains to move very slowly—and your plumbing is at risk unless you restore the lines. 

A plumber can conduct the removal procedure by analyzing the damage and make a recommendation for a solution. For good plumbing, sewer pipe repair is essential.

Jammed Pipes

Once you detect a clog, the common step to take is to use a drain cleaner. However, flushing dangerous substances down the toilet may be futile and can harm pipelines. A drain auger, for example, could aggravate your obstruction. If there is a persistent blockage in your pipes, this may indicate a clog in the sewer system.

Since only repairing one part of your system is insufficient, you may require a full sewage system inspection. Unblocking your drain may be achievable with the help of a licensed plumber who must first visually inspect the area, closely check for clogs or damages to your pipes, and use the appropriate tools to accomplish the project.

Food Clogged Pipes

Pouring food down the drain may appear to be an innocuous deed. However, the following substances should never be flushed down the toilet: Large obstructions in pipes are caused by fat, oils, and grease. 

Grease and other liquids harden when they cool. They collect rubbish and eventually clog sewers. This may cause repeated backups in your sewer line and employ hydro jetting to perform thorough pipe or drain cleaning.

Here’s What to Do

If your sewer line becomes clogged, you must act promptly. Sewer line issues are dangerous to your health, mainly when feces and other human fluids clog your sink or bathtub. This puts you at risk of being exposed to harmful waste and bacteria. 

Another danger is a ruptured sewer line that can release dangerous gas and negatively impact you and your family. By acting immediately, you can avoid such health and safety risks. When you decide to contact a plumber, you must find someone you can trust. 

Look for a professional team that has the following characteristics:

  • Reputable Skills: Inadequate labor puts you in danger and causes significant difficulties. Find a company that will perform the job right the first time. This includes collaborating with a company that has a track record of satisfied customers.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: While some plumbers work on a shoestring, you need a business that uses cutting-edge technology. So, inquire about their state-of-the-art tools before employing them. Employ them if they do not have the necessary equipment for camera inspections or hydro jetting. Maybe they won’t be able to solve your problem.
  • Emergency Services: When a sewer system becomes clogged, timing is everything. To ensure the quickest response, work with an emergency service provider. 


Now that you know what causes your sewer line to back up, it may be time to prepare a backup plan. This means that rather than scrambling for a plumber, have a trusted contact or a specialist on speed dial. This way, you can manage your sewer repair and other significant plumbing difficulties and costs in the long run.

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