Troubleshooting and Fixing Common Hot Water System Problems

You don’t have to freeze every time you take a bath or shower in the winter. When you have hot water issues in the dead of winter, it becomes a real concern. One of the worst things that can happen is finding yourself with no hot water in the freezing cold. We’ll show you some of the common water heater issues and how to fix them. If you can’t, it’s time to call water heater repair services.

When the Water Heater Starts Acting Up

Depending on the type of water heater—if it’s electric, gas, or a tankless water heater system—there are key parts to check first.

The first thing to check is the thermostat. Make sure it is running properly by conducting a basic test. Check the level of heating if it’s still the same as its normal heating capacity. Normally, the temperature should range around 120ºF or 49ºC as the peak threshold. You don’t want to use this level for showering.

Test the thermostat by gradually increasing the heat if it responds as it should. If not, it would need servicing or a hot water heater replacement.

Check for Broken Heating Parts

A heater tank and its parts will usually be good for the first twenty years, after which it may present problems. Pay close attention to older parts, as they may start malfunctioning at this point. We don’t even do proper maintenance on these parts, and they are left running as-is.

If the problem is lukewarm water instead of hot water, there could be an issue with the dip tube in the water heater tank. It is to be expected when the heater system is twenty years old or more.

You might want to check the dip tube of your heater for any broken parts or cracks. Usually, they are situated right at the top of the tank, where it heats the water. The heating action produces hot water mainly at the top section, forcing cold water to the bottom.

Another problem part that goes ballistic with age is the gas valve. For some reason, they will give out after about ten years in service. The main telltale sign is the gas stink. Immediately switch the gas off and remove any flammable devices in the area. 

If the smell has become pervasive in the home (a sign of a major gas leak), leave immediately without flipping any switches or handling any electronics. Even the tiniest spark could ignite the gas.

Electric Water Heater Issues

Check the electric heating elements in your heating tank. Be careful, though, as any contact with the water can cause electric shocks. Usually, there are two parts, and if one is already busted, the other will carry on until it breaks. The heating won’t be as strong, and you need immediate water heater repair at this point before it gets worse.

Final Notes

Water heater systems are trusty and reliable. But their lifespan can be anywhere between 10 to 20 years. They are also the least maintained appliances because they don’t need much attention. You must make sure they are in good working condition before winter.

Candu Plumbing and Repair can return your heaters to normal. Call us now for quality water heater repair in the California state areas. Act now before the winter hits hard!