What You Should Do When You Have a Backed up Sink

Sinks are nifty things to have in your bathroom. They are used to carry away waste water from your home. While maintaining your sink may seem like a tedious task, this isn’t one of the tasks that you would like to sweep under the rig and forget. 

Since sinks are such integral parts of the modern plumbing system, having them fully functional is of extreme importance. This is why knowing how to solve the problem of a backed up sink is critical. This blog post will shed light on what to do in the event of a backed up sink. 

What You Should Do When You Have a Backed Up Sink

Backed up sinks may be tricky. They could be easily fixable or a sign of a more serious plumbing problem. Knowing what to do and the telltale signs to look for will help you get to the bottom of the issue and solve it for good. 

Here is a list of the different remedies you can use should you ever need to fix a backed up sink. 

1 – Check for a Clogged Sink

There are many reasons why your si k may be clogged. Try to check if there is anything obstructing your sink and causing the blockage. To put things quite obviously, getting rid of the obstruction will solve the problem. 

2 – Use Boiling Water

If you discover that grease or hardened oil is the culprit for the backed up sink, you may try to use boiling water to attempt to melt the grease and help it successfully flow out of the sink pipe and out of your drainage system. 

3 – Plunge It

Using a plunger is another way you can try to remove anything that is getting in the way of your sink working as it should. Plunging your sink may require a little elbow grease, but it will almost certainly work to remove anything that is blocking the flow of waste from your sink away from your home. 

4 – Look into Your Garbage Disposal

If you have a sink that is connected to a garbage disposal unit, there may be a chance that the sink is backed up because of this. Inspect the garbage disposal to check if any strat food items find themselves in the sink. Remove these items from the drains to prevent any problems with clogging and proper drainage. 

5 – Call in a Professional 

If you are unable to zero in on the problem or if you need help solving it, calling an expert plumbing professional is the key. Plumbers will know what to do to ensure that your backed up sink problem is properly solved. They have the tools and skills necessary to achieve success in unclogging your sink and bringing it back to full functionality. 


Keeping your sink up and running is part of maintaining home. Knowing what to do in case you ever get faced with a backed up sink will make a world of difference and will help get rid of the problem more quickly  Also, working with the right plumber will ensure that the issue will be properly addressed. 

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