How to Clear the Main Sewer Line Clog in Your Home

Clogs in your main sewer line is a severe problem you shouldn’t ignore. Why? Because it can cause extreme inconvenience as it will affect all other drains in your home. If you don’t do something to restore your main sewer drain, you are much more likely to experience issues in many of your drains and toilets. It can also cause the sewage to back up into your plumbing system, which may cause toilet water to back up, and out of your tub, shower, or floor drains.  

If you think you’re experiencing a main sewer line problem, don’t worry; we are here to help you manage that clog. In this article, we will teach you how to clear the clog to prevent inconveniences and further damage to your home. 

Let’s get to it!

Step #1: Try to Locate the Clean-Out Fitting

In order to clear that clog, you have to locate the clean-out fitting. If you’re not familiar with what a clean-out fitting is, find a pipe that is about 3, 4, or 6 inches thick. That pipe should be the clean-out fitting. 

Usually, you can find it above the ground, on the lowest floor of your home, or outside, on level ground. You should be able to unscrew with a wrench.

Step #2: Loosen the Cover of the Fitting

Once you’ve found the clean-out fitting, it’s time to do the work. First, you have to loosen the cover using a pipe wrench. Don’t pop it open because the waste buildup may explode out of the opening. You have to be careful in doing this; quickly step away from the pipe as soon as you loosen the cap.

Step #3: Let Buildup Spill Out

After loosening the cover, open it completely but make sure you are far away from the fitting. Otherwise, the spill or the fitting may hit you. You should also ensure that the fitting is secured before removing the cap to prevent any incidents. Then, allow all the buildup to spill out of the fitting’s opening and wait until it empties out. 

Step #4: Put Your Plumbing Snake Inside

The next step you should do to clear the clog is to feed your plumbing snake or auger into the opening of the clean-out fitting. This tool will help you remove the remaining waste that caused the clog. You may have to do this step several times until you can’t find dirt inside the pipe anymore. 

To guide you on using a plumbing snake, make sure to follow the tool’s instruction manual. That way, you can effectively remove as much buildup as possible. 

Step #5: Hose Down the Snake and the Fitting with Water

For more effective clog removal, put a hose with running water while your auger is still inside the drain. This technique will effectively eliminate any leftover debris or smaller clogs and remove any waste that clings to your plumbing snake. 

Once you’re done with this process, you can now cover your fitting and test your drains and toilets to see if they are correctly working. 


As you can see, clearing the main sewer clog is not too difficult. You just have to follow these steps to remove any stubborn clogs in your main line. However, these steps do not solve the problems in your drains and toilets, maybe you have bigger drain issues that need to be taken care of by a professional. It’s best to call a professional plumbing service right away to inspect and repair your drains. 

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