Common Septic System Myths That You Must Always Avoid

Our homes are made up of complicated piping systems that function as a passage for our water supply and sewage. The former is a great source of all our natural consumable water, while the latter is a passage for all our liquid wastes. No household may function properly without these two main components; that is why it is our responsibility as homeowners to check them regularly and maintain their durable condition to avoid leaks or damages that may cause unwanted flooding in our homes.

Now, as with all types of home amenities, there are certain techniques that would help us keep them in their best shape, so they may all last us a lifetime. The problem about these techniques is that some of them are helpful, while the others are mere misconceptions. These septic care myths may do more harm than good in the long run, and they may also cost us a lot in damages and repairs.

If you want to know more about these myths in order to avoid following them unknowingly, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of them below for your future reference.

1. You May Drain and Dispose Anything into the Septic System

This is one misconception that you shouldn’t believe at all. Yes, it can handle human waste and other softer materials that may be flushed into it. However, harder and bigger objects may end up clogging your drains and the pipes that go into the sewage. This causes the incoming water to get stuck and accumulate within.

This will not go well for your household, as aside from possible leaks and blown pipes, the odor may deem to be too much to handle.

2. You Can Expect the Septic System to Last for 20 Years

This is a bit tricky, as some manufacturers indeed design their septic systems to last as long as that. However, its lifespan will still depend on wear and tear and how you maintain the overall condition of the pipes. Even if you are the very first homeowner of the property you are currently residing in, you still need to check on the septic system, as regular maintenance will at least help it reach its lifespan of two decades.

If you are unsure about the different septic maintenance methods, feel free to contact a professional who will guide you through the process.

3. You Never Need to Drain the Septic System

As much as you would like to avoid doing this dirty job, you would need to do it every two to three years. You may argue that the microbes would be more than enough to break everything down in its system, but the problem is that they also tend to build up into septic sludge. This adds to the risk of clogged pipes in the process.

Be sure to pump out the septic system so that you wouldn’t have to deal with any further issues in the years to come.


By familiarizing yourself with these myths, you would be able to avoid following the wrong advice about their proper care and maintenance. Many homeowners think that the myths about the continuous disposal, two decades’ worth of durability, and lack of pumping may all seem to make sense at first. However, the truth is that they are nothing more than misguided tips that may put your piping and septic system at risk of requiring costly repairs.

Feel free to avoid them at all costs and do your own research when it comes to the proper septic care methods.

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